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  1. Wieso sprichst du heute abend nur deutsch?
  2. R_mac

    Holyrood Elections

    once in a lifetime opportunity here with the SNP forming a majority government and i fully believe that we as a nation can flourish and reap the benefits of having Alex Salmond, at the helm of it all! Great, historic day
  3. think messi could do a job for us worth a punt???
  4. Rankin and Gardyne might be worth a punt-seen them both play a few times, however, whether they are consistent or not is another question. No doubt we'll probably go for mcAllister considering del rates him so "highly". Curier on the otherhand can GTF
  5. what do we do??? no way is that a goal!!! ahahaahah
  6. True- the muppets at the sfa never seem to learn though! There will probably be a crowd of 13,000 at hampden on Saturday-Tynecastle would have been perfect! However, the sfa seem to think that it'll be better to play the game in a stadium which is only 25% full.........
  7. also got one north stand ticket going-mate has pulled out. pm if interested. ticket gone!
  8. will be getting the 9.03 most likely not booked tickets yet but will probably do get involved with the group save deal.
  9. with 2 sections packed, the north stand is going to be bouncing! pity we're so spread out tho! think we'll bring 5000 odd-however this is pretty poor tbh for a semi final. Know we've been to a few semi's in the last for years but, come on! no one seems to be excited for this game.....
  10. mate has pulled out so got a spare ticket, anyone interested? north stand...£22
  11. das leben der anderen is a dead good film and also good bye lenin! have to watch them for uni!
  12. atleast 2 for me but may be more-will find out shortly!
  13. oh yeah forgot to mention marc, only need the seats there-visiting my gran up north so no need for seats on the way back!
  14. weather forecast is for snow in the lothian area but not up in angus! calm down guys!! it'll go ahead despite the slight drizzle during the game!! bring yer jackets!
  15. me too oh, well from edinburgh......woops aha
  16. shutter island is some film! really recommend it!!!
  17. really looking forward to this going be a cracking day out with 2222 plus saintees! hopefully. atmosphere is going to be immense! however we've got to be cautious as brechin will be thinking that this is a great chance to get through to the semi's and they having nothing to lose! we can't go into the game thinking we're going to easily win this game 4-0. CMON U SAINTS!!!!!
  18. bad i know but gotta give this one a miss due to pennies-got to save for brechin the following saturday. part timer i know..... o.O
  19. I know but i've got a contact up there may be able to secure a few more but no promises.
  20. or just end up in the home end! managed to secure my ticket but still looking for another one so if it comes down to not getting another one, he'll end up in the home end.