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  1. managed to get one ticket for our end but no luck as of yet for my pal however i've got a contact (aka my dad) up near brechin who could get the other ticket but for the home end. So still might need the two seats marc.
  2. looks like tickets are going like hot cakes....bad times (for non season ticket holders)
  3. On the heb ta bus leaving on the sunday morning at 1am- just after last orders!!! really excited for this and should be a good but long day out!
  4. amazing day out up in inverness minus the game got a wee complimentary ticket which made it even better! stewards seemed that they wanted to ruin our day by chucking out fans 15minutes in! really does boil my piss but as stated if it was for broken seats then fair enough. good banter on the train nice to meet u baldy marc- i owe u a pint at the next game we go to! felt proud still singing in stoppage time- thats what being a saintee is all about!
  5. hope its not! going to try to sneak a few tins on
  6. where's everybody heading to once we arrive in inverness?? sports bar??
  7. YES< march from the platform to the nearest pub! sportsters is where most are heading to yeah? btw, can anyone clarify, if ict are putting on free buses from the centre to the ground? if so where are the pick up points??? cheers
  8. looks like momentum is building up quite nicely!!! wee last push everyone!!!
  9. great interest! yeh not too sure about stopping for curry though.....yip leaving edinburgh sounds good to me with pick ups in kinross/perth looks like its all go!
  10. great idea. 2 seats for me please, possibly more.... replying to thomas, i've not got a season ticket so fingers crossed i'll manage to grab a few!
  11. mega bus to perth, then catching the 9:50 so see you guys all on the train then!
  12. all booked up on the 9:50 from perth, so thats + 2 so far! going be rocking and hopefully will sneak some booze on board
  13. probs ticks will have seat numbers on them but hopefully it'll just be sit where u want.
  14. what times can u travel with an off peak return??? looking at getting 9:50 from perth and then the 18.43 back...can anyone confirm whether these are outwith the peak times??
  15. scotrail : Date Depart Arrive Sat 19/02/2011 08:04 Perth 10:29 Inverness £6.95 Sat 19/02/2011 18:43 Inverness 21:00 Perth £6.95 looking good!! or peak return at £20ish.
  16. really looking forward to this one and hopefully a few more will be attracted after we get a result vs the dons was going to train it up but bit pricey now so probs either get the bus up on the friday or i'll drive on the day
  17. sack the train at £60 plus, better of driving ffs, will check mega bus.
  18. would also prefer them to win if it meant they won the league- not daft at all! spl has been boring for god many years knowing which out of 2 teams were going to win the league!
  19. ahaha, oh we're all young at one point eh its now ur turn Ali91!!! jk, great performance by the saints-especially in the 2nd half and overall we fully deserved to win the game. well done saintees!!!!!
  20. great save from encks at the end total class likes!!! yeh what was up with the prick with the ulster flag? think he must've been at the wrong game!! great scenes at the end too way more than 200 fans, surely!!!
  21. there's now a pay at the gate option