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  1. Are you serious? A guy who couldnt get a start for us in 2019? Surely we're not forgetting his 3 in 29 SPL games only 3-4 years ago? To spend money (and good money/wages I have no doubt) on someone like that is poor business, not to mention going from Shankland to Watt leading the line is a clear downgrade.
  2. Not a chance the MP's are stepping in to this issue. Will just have to wait. If you voted Brexit and are annoyed at this situation, you caused it.
  3. Believe so. Don't have a season ticket so I seem to be gubbed. 15 calls so far not one went through. Really not a great way to do this.
  4. Looks like phone line only (so far at least) If true really poor. It's 2021!
  5. Totally agree, I met her briefly last season and seemed nice. I work for a sporting organisation myself in a similar role and it honestly doesn't matter what you do, people always want to point the finger and unfortunately you're often the easy target. Thick skin required!
  6. I've heard this Guy Melamed Israeli good. Hates the Arabs as much as we do.
  7. At game. Long ball crap from us so far gifting possession away so stat is probably right. Best chance for them hit the post and rolled along line at speed. Cleared after a st mirren player missed it.
  8. I'm personally very against fan ownership of clubs. Only as a last resort. Fans unfortunately rarely know the best for clubs and if I was to see Saints move to that model it would be a great concern. A benevolent dictator type just works better for clubs our size, albeit with plenty of fan input... just not calling the shots.
  9. Wonder if Peaso gets a game for them. Think he will be welcomed by the saints fans (so long as he plays pish) Remember this well:
  10. Wheey hey! My location finally getting a mention. For the traffic, both options will be bad... Glad I have the shorter journey!
  11. Me too! Enjoyed the atmosphere last time and abusing that wee shite novo - hope its a better game though.
  12. I've been to a Skonto game, was about 200 people there. No worries!
  13. Looking at the potential teams : Based on the regional groupings for 2014/15, a list of potential but unconfirmed opponents include: Flora Tallinn (Est) Skonto Riga (Lat) Vikingur (Far) Odd Grenland (Nor) Glentoran (Nir) VPS Vaasa (Fin) Kalev Sillamae (Est) SJK Seinajoki (Fin) FC Lahti (Fin) FK Jelgava (Lat) NSI Runavik (Far) Atlantas Klaipeda (Lit) Glenavon (Nir) Cork City (Ire) Uni College Dublin (Ire) Kruoja Pakruojis (Lit) Airbus UK Broughton (Wal) Progres Niederkorn (Lux) FK Trakai (Lit) Spartaks Jurmala (Lat) Bala Town (Wal) Newtown (Wal) Im in Riga/Tallinn on the starting the 8th and a lot of these fixtures are in that area (Baltics + Finland)... might work out very well for me. Flights to Riga from Glasgow are only around £200 return. From there its a 20-30 euro bus to almost anywhere in that area (and the ferry to Helsinki is about the same) ...... or the away leg could be first, and mess up everything..