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Found 1 result

  1. So we finish this slightly backward season where it all began on a sunny 2nd of August 2015 where we were treated to one of the most enthralling opening fixtures I can remember. Quite apt also that Tynecastle being a favorite away day for many fans, it's also without doubt one of our best hunting grounds this season with 6 away goals scored over two fixtures, albeit the first resulting in a narrow loss. Personally I think I'm going to make a day of it and take the Monday off work. Unfortunately it's an early kick off so no time for a pre match pint, however it does mean that for those interested we will likely be back in the Poly in time to see the final fixtures of the English Premier League. Admittedly that's not something I would be overly bothered about, although it could be a rather tasty if the title is yet to be decided with Chelsea V Leicester and Newcastle V Tottenham both kicking off at 3pm. Who's up for a fun day Sunday then?