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Found 1 result

  1. Moving swiftly on we now have a trip to Pittodrie to take on the high flying and potential ( according to some of them) challengers for the title. This one will be a tough, but as ever, winnable game. Love to see Faddy back for the game and also Mclean playing but think it is more likely that if Faddy is fit, that Macca will start on the bench after his full 90 minutes against the Arabs. This great run has seen us close the gap to ICT and Hamilton and we are now only 4 points of fourth ( which given the start we had is a fantastic effort). Hopefully a good few will be going but with no public transport, it is hardly made easy for travelling fans. Can I suggest that if you are going up by car and have some empty seats, that you might offer them to others. Also buses going from both McD and Barossa street. We are heading on Tuesday for a couple of days pre match, so happy New Year when it comes and lets start 2015 in style with three glories points. Wee team, nae fans, 3 points. COYS.