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Found 1 result

  1. Heads up Guys & Girls. I spoke to Ailish a while back about travel to away Europa league games and she has taken the idea on board and run with it. Great to see a local independent business being proactive rather than waiting for the public to ask.. After 5 European tours it's about time.. Anyway, have a read, see what you think, and if your interested, register an interest with her... The fact is that nothing is guaranteed regarding the draw and it may even be somewhere very hard to get to but it might be somewhere braw. I know a lot of you might be happy to do your own thing and that's fine but for those who like it easy and hopefully competitively priced, this MIGHT be ideal for you. Thanks.. Ghostie. The Wee Travel Company are putting together a group package deal to wherever the first match is - once we find out tomorrow! As long as there are 10 or more signed up the deals are better than you booking yourself and you have my ABTA cover etc as reassurance. It'll be for 2 nights accommodation, prob 3* hotel - if it's a difficult location to get to we may need 3-4 nights in the hotel but I'll get the best value I can find. If you are interested, can you email me your names, emails and a contact number and I'll get quotes as soon as I can. You would need to pay immediately as the demand for flights could mean they disappear quickly!! Please get in touch - T 07967 827832