25e Ainslie Place

What do these names mean to you? ( if anything)

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Betty Stirton is burried a few lairs along fae my dad in Jeanfield Cemetary.

Fat Val was a friend of my mum's.

Robert Blackhall - the post office/travel agent's owner and Saints fan?

Ronnie Taylor - fae the railway?

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David Ruthven !!!!!!

Robert Blackhall Had the paper shop post office on Dunkeld Road

Cappy Ozwald Cooooaaaaal

Nan Thomas Was a few in that squad

Betty Stirton Was her son Duncan went on to be an actor

Fat Val Stayed in the close next to St stephen Place

Willie Bratty Man about Muirton

Ronnie Taylor Big Saints fan drinks in the Saints club (Dunkeld Road)

Andy Crow Never seen him for years stayed 25 d Ainslie Place

Tam Mitchell A relative of the Stirtons

Fat " Odeon " Ronnie Was it a big red jacket he wore at the front door

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David Ruthven, the brother of Lindsay, who worked for the police?

Went to Goodlyburn JS, and used to stay in Dunsinane Drive?

Or is there a tribe of them?

thats no the david ruthven i remember

th edavid ruthven i remember

lived in scone

went to RDM & Perth academy

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David Ruthven

Robert Blackhall

Cappy Ozwald

Nan Thomas

Betty Stirton

Fat Val

Willie Bratty

Ronnie Taylor

Andy Crow

Tam Mitchell

Fat " Odeon " Ronnie

David Ruthven - Owned the wee grocer shop on the Dunkeld Road, Nearest one to Asda/McD's - Now in Asian ownership , oh lucky us!

Robert Blackhall - Had the Newsagent/PO next door. Willie Coburn worked there whilst also playing for Saints

Cappy Oswald - The legendary coalman, stayed at the shops end of AP

Nan Thomas - Liked a wee glass of sherry

Betty Stirton - Also partial to the odd cooking sherry. As stated before , mother of Duncan who became a Thesbian

Fat Val - Yes she was indeed friendly with the ATS

Willie Bratty - MBE - legend that IS Santa

Ronnie Taylor - Easilly one of the best Saints fans EVER


Andy Crow - Fought for Queen and Country against the Argies at the Falklands. His PACK days training must have helped

Tam Mitchell - Leader of the Perth 1st Battallion BB's and battle they did! Tam was great for the youth community at that time

Fat " Odeon " Ronnie - I'm sure he actually commited suicide ( drowning in the Tay? ) Good lad all the same. Kept you in check as the GB club.

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