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does any1 know how hospitality is for the club for old firm games and normal games v hearts etc.

cheers Calum

I have a letter somewhere , cant find it just now, off the top of my head

Falkirk, Hamilton, Killie, Motherwell ect-£125 + Vat

Dundee utd , Hearts , Hibs, Aberdeen - ? 150 0r £175+ Vat

Rangers, Celtic £200 +vAT

May not be %100 accurate as i got the letter at start of the season and threw it in a drawer as i have been a regular at hospitallity for 5/6 years now and though the hike was a bit much especially old squirm, Footnote:I can get my moneies worth(well almost of drink at £90/£100 but feck trying to get £200 s worth!!! Some might argue that £200 is worth it though!!!! but not me or the 6/10 guys that used to go!!:cry:

I f i come across the letter i will up date for you!!

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Was it not something like £90per person last year? Some steep increase. What's different about the Hospitality offerings now for the potential increase of £85 apart from SPL football on show?

Do you know if all the season long tables were taken, if the price hike was passed on to them?

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Taken from Paul Smith's response on the WAP match sponsorship thread:

"Current ‘list price’ costs for individual places at match day hospitality range from £150.00 to £200.00 per person + VAT depending on the opposition. Match Sponsorship (party of ten with a Director and a Player in attendance if requested and exclusive use of the Chairman’s Suite) has similar staged pricing ranging from £2,000.00 to £4,000.00.

As you have rightly identified the business community are tightening their belts but timing has been kind to us with our promotion to the Premier League creating more interest in our corporate packages than may have been expected had we remained in the First division. The level of uptake for match day hospitality has been beyond expectation and so far this season corporate utilisation has been very healthy indeed with future games having spare, but limited capacity.

For the WAP Forum proposal to happen we would need to look at the use of the Centenary Suite to accommodate the numbers being talked about and it is just how we fit that around our existing bookings and commitments to customers who will be paying in the £125-£200 price bracket. This needs to be discussed before we can come back with a proposal but please be assured that we will come back with a proposal tailored to suit a more moderate budget.

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