Guest Harry Curran's Love child

Odds on next SJFC manager

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Could add:

Davie Weir

Billy Reid

Billy Dodds

John Hughes

Terry Butcher

Steven Pressley

to that list. Toughie for our Geoff.

Maybe Davie Weir but a big NO to the rest.

It was thought that Weir would go down to Everton in a coaching capacity but Duncan Ferguson has now got that job so maybe weir is being lined up.

Anyway will the job not be advetised in order that someone brilliant may apply that we have not thought about. I hear thye special one is not happy at R Madrid.

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Any thoughts on Alan Kernaghan? Contacts down south, knows the club and has coaching experience.

he done the business on the pitch for us and as agent kerney he helped feck dundee fc what a guid thanks i vote mr cosgrove.these are my thoughts jeany.

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Guest Harry Curran's Love child

Jody back out to 5/1 and Cleland now appearing at 5/1

Bookies had obviously seen the earlier messages on Twitter and cacked it

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