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#28 - 05/02/12 - Hearts 1-1 Saints - Scottish Cup

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Quite its like comparing apples to oranges:cool:

Always have had a dislike for them made even more so by the Hearts fans that i know.

As for oranges and apples actually think many Hearts fans are very similar to Rangers fans in their bigoted views, but maybe taht is just the ones I know.

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That will not happen! Adams still injured as well, so he want be on Bench

i left compton out due to himcarrying a knock but if fit im sure he'll play a part.

i left sheridan out as i dont see him putting 3strikers on a bench containing 5players and he'll usehis 2new u21's surely

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Morris is the only one doing any defending, all the others are just dropping off and McCracken doesnt seem to know the game has started.

Robertson isnt what we need today.

Croft and Sandaza looking good.

I think without Jody Morris we would be rolling over and be a couple down by now

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