What will you do if new Rangers are allowed straight into SPL?  

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I don't.




Fat Sallys now on his bike, they've sent him on his way.

He'll spend time tending turnips in his garden every day
He'll maybe even buy some bees and harvest all their honey
Or maybe get a gardener in, who's paid with Sevcos money.
If truth be told, as a manager, he really  wasnae right
Some said that he was hopeless, others claimed that he was shite.
He spent a pile oh money, he bought a bunch oh duds,
Boyd, Miller and Daly and a heap oh useless fuds
But now he's gone we'll miss him, his tactics and his wit
Whoever follows sally, can't possibly be as shit
His journey with the Newco came to the end today
Goodbye to Mr The The, who's finally walked away.

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The board have been quite cute in the way they have done this.


By putting him on gardening leave he will still be subject to the rules and disciplinary rules relating to his Club.


So no big fat payout.


No chance of another job unless he resigns.


2 things though can Rangers afford to pay him £60k a month and bring in a new manager? and if you were McCoist would you just sit tight and make them pay up your full years salary.

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The move by fans to shield McCoist from flak at the AGM has been pre empted by the club's move to place him on gardening leave.

I suspect the Board have not been happy with newspaper comments attributed to him recently, which they see as an embarrassment.

Would expect that will be Fat Sally muzzled now, at least until his contract expires.

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Stats show Sally was most successful Manager in the the Club history.

There again he has been the the only Manager in their 3 1/2 existence.

Failed to win Any of the 11 cups entered during his time, inluding losing to Raith in the Challenge Cup final, losing to Alloa in the Petrofac Training cup, despite being 2 goals ahead and being taken to a replay by Albion Rovers.

Notice Saturdays crowd given as another 28,000.

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It is ridiculous that any media even deem to mention any stat showing that McCoist is the most successful in the Club history (ignoring the fact as Hoodlum points out, he has been their ONLY manager).


No other Rangers manager has faced the level of opposition that McCoist did on a weekly basis. Even then, Rangers were far from impressive in the majority of his games in charge, only winning due to the overpaid players that had enough ability left to see them through.


There should be several players looking back on their decision to go to Ibrox with regret

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Sounded like fun and games in the Govan Gazebo this morning for the AGM.

Some of the quotes from Somers are quite unbelievable, he really is a muppet


"In these past 12 months, I have been surprised at a number of things.
Firstly, the highly negative aspect of most of the media reporting regarding Rangers.
Secondly, because it is clear to me that a stronger Rangers is good for Scottish football,
I have been very disappointed to realise that outside of Ibrox, there sadly still exists
a great deal of anti-Rangers feeling, perhaps (although I hope not) even in the football establishment."

"we've renegotiated contracts, in a number of cases we've said, sod you, we'll see you in court."

"The mess isn’t our fault – it’s yours"


Even the club crest tried its best to walk away.

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Ha ha.

It wisnae us.

I saw the Govan gazebo, (didn't realise Sports Direct stocked these in their outlets ) and thought the

Board couldn't have distanced themselves further from the shareholders.

I was half expecting the area between them to be a moat filled with water and containing sharks, until I realised All of the sharks were in the Gazebo.

It's all the media's fault and still nobody likes us.

However, We've come up with this new idea of a share issue, which will cure all our problems.

Wait a minute, why are they all screaming "out, out, out", has someone told that joke before?

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Actually I regret my remark given events in Glasgow this afternoon, which I just heard about. Can I suggest a moratorium for a few days - I think Glasgow has more important things to worry about at the moment.


Well said. Shankly was wrong, some things are more important than football.

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