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Killer Pool and Darts Night with Saints players and Staff. Some of the Saints players and Staff, about 12 in total will be in attendance in the Club after the Hearts game on March 24th.@aprox 6PM.

This is to be a fun Night and not a fund raiser as such

The idea is for the players and fan's to mingle for a couple of hours and Play Pool and Darts.

On the Advice of the Club, and to make things go along swiftly the games will be on a "KILLER" basis.I can explain what killer is on the Night if some one doesn't know.Dominoes were to have been included but have been knocked on the head, due to lack of available space.

So if you fancy a wee game of Pool/Darts and a Chat with the Saints Players and Staff this will be your chance.

So i can have a rough idea who might be coming can you Post Aye if your coming and either "Pool" or "Darts" depending on your choice.

Depending on time it may be possible to play both, but this is entirely dependent on numbers

The format for this has still to be firmed up.One of the games will be in teams, most likely darts

we would like to invite you to enter teams of "3" in this ,the 4th member of teams will be from St.Johnstone.Please let me know how many are coming by 22nd March

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