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My Young one Marc is coming over with me to watch, so if struggling with numbers on the day he could play, probably better fitness than all of the above, but may not be allowed due to age

Probably a better player than most...

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Dougie, Count Thommo in as defo, as team just got turned over by the Hobos

Dougie, my bro is coming over as well, I think he advised you this in the Poly a couple of Fridays ago.

Count in Daniel as well, better with more than less as my dodgy knee will probably only last a couple of games

Nold: Yes

Andy: Yes

Craig: Yes

Stu: Maybe

Ryan: Yes

Barney: Yes

Dougie: Yes

Thommo: Yes

Hamish: Yes

Daniel: Yes

Mark: Yes

Andy can you confirm Daniels age? I think it's strictly 16 and over.

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Hi guys, with Raith's 1st division status now secured we've been moving ahead to get this tournament organised, so some further details:

The draw for the 2012 Fife's Finest 7s was madelast night in Dow's Bar, Glasgow by an impartial and jakied St. Johnstone fan.

The draw is as follows:

Group A

Soca Warriors

Arsenal Scotland

Edinburgh Saints


Stella Strollers

Group B

Geordie Munrovers

Raith Bull


Fife's finest

Everton Rovers

Group C

Polwarth Tavern

Kirkcaldy Rovers

Linktown Rovers

Regenesis Select

Adam Vallot Tribute Team

Matches are 10 minutes, with each team playing each other once. Top 2 from each group will progress to the quarter-finals along with the 2 best 3rd-placed teams. Knockouts which end in a draw will go straight to penalties.

Kick off is 11.30am, and teams must report for registration no later than 11am.

Please note NO STUDS OR BLADES will be allowed on the pitch. It is the responsibility of each team captain to ensure players wear suitable footwear; this is a condition of our use of Stark's Park and if any player is caught wearing studs or blades then the organisers reserve the right to disqualify the whole team - SO TAKE NOTE!

Also, for the protection of the pitch, slide tackles are BANNED and will result in a yellow card. Players who receive a red card will miss the following match.

Other rules - passback rule will be in force, meaning that 'keepers cannot pick the ball up from passbacks; and there will be throw-ins, not kick-ins.

A photographer has been booked and teams who want photos taken are advised to arrive early.

I'll speak to Dougie about payment, but cost is £100 per team (so a tenner per head effectively) and it would be helpful to get an indication of how many of you are planning staying behind in the bar at the ground for the Scottish Cup final so we know how much food to put on.

Cheers lads, looking forward to it.

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Right lads, the big day looms ahead on Saturday and I'm not talking about the cup final!

Stelly has sent me a wee info pack in regards to the tournament so if anyone would like to have a look see PM me your e-mail address.

So far we have a squad of 9 which is pretty much perfect.......










If anyone is unsure of their attendance let us know as soon as so we can look into replacements.

With the current numbers it'll be £11 pounds odd each to enter the team.

We are looking to get the train through around 10ish as we are required to report to the home dugout by 11am at the latest and there is bit of a trek to the ground from the Station.

Really buzzing for this now should be a great day out.

Edited by SaintDougie

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Don't think I'm going to make it Dougie, I'm moving to Perth on Thursday and Friday so it depends if I'm all organised. Maybe see if you can someone to take my place.

No problem, cheers for keeping us updated and good luck with the move.

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It has been decided that the train we will be getting is as follows.....

09:40Haymarket (Edinburgh)

10:09 Kirkcaldy Train Station (31min)

Those that intend to get the train through with us please post here before Saturday morning. Also we will try and meet there for around 09:30

Anyone travelling by car please be there by 10:30am

There has been a photographer organised for teams who want pics taken pre-match.

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Good news gents, the entry fee for each team has now been reduced to £70. However as there is local cancer charity fund box may I suggest that what ever each of us save from the reduced entry fee we put in said charity box?

See below final correspondence from Stelly....

Guys –

Hopefully this will be the final correspondence from me ahead of Saturday’s tournament. Just to let you know, we have managed to reduce the entry fee which will now be £70 per team, and this includes the post-match buffet.

Just a reminder that, for the protection of the pitch (which has just been re-seeded) studded or bladed boots are banned. I know this isn’t ideal, but it’s the compromise we have to make to be able to play at the home ground of the greatest football club in the world.

In the event of adverse weather which could damage the pitch, or cause a danger to players we will relocate to the astroturf pitches at Balwearie High School. The same footwear rules will apply.

A 10am pitch inspection is planned – can all team captains please pass me their private mobile number so I can contact you in the event of the venue changing

On the morning of the tournament, please report to the Home dugout for registration no later than 11am. You may also be interested to know that we have arranged for a photographer so if you want team pictures taken in the ground, please arrive early.

The Away changing rooms will be available and from 1:30pm the Raith Suite will be open for drinks, and a buffet after the tournament concludes, where the Scottish Cup Final will be shown. The bar will shut at 6:00pm and for those wanting to make a night of it, we have transport organised to take us to Styx where we will have pool tables booked ahead of the Champions League final.

Attached is your fixture list (zipped). We will have spare copies on the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. My mobile number Is 07973 821 242.

Good luck on Saturday guys!

Allan aka Stelly

Edited by SaintDougie

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