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Return Of 11S-Paul Bullions Select (Home) 15Th September 13

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I am posting this early to get as much notice as possible as is it has been a wee while since we have had a game

North Inch 13.00 Kick Off

Meet and Change at Bells Sports Centre 12.15pm

So Who's Aye and Who's Naw?

Aye: Fraser,Mark,+2 Eric,Goose,Andy,Elvis,Gav S,Ronnie,Craig


Naw:-John D,Colin,Beej,Beavis,Dave,Nory

NOTE:For various reasons we will be playing less games this season, some of the reasons have already been discussed like no games during School Holidays ect

Although it might not follow to that exact pattern i am trying to work it so we have a game every second week

i got a bit scunnered last year with the weather and the SPL changing dates of Saints games so hopefull planning games every other week will help, as for the weather, it was a disaster trying to get games on , at Guildtown , which leaves the doubt on venues, hopefully after a Committee Meeting on Sunday i can clarify that side of things a bit more



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Lost 9-4

Goals from Macho(3) and Dale


Just a wee thank you to those that rallied round( you know who you are?) to get the  squad up to an unbelievable 20 players, on that note though i really need folk to post up as early as possible for game and by the Thursday at the latest

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