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Monday Night Football @mcdiarmid Astro:teams And Man Of The Match Votes Thread For September 16Th 2013 Game 34/13

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The WhiteTeam

Andy Whytock GK

Richard Mackie

Stewart Reid

Allan Main

Darryl Bain

Craig Taylor

Danny Griffin

Ronnie Smith



The Dark Side

Dave McDonald GK

Brian Campbell

Barney Black

Gav Stewart

Mike Main

Callum Stewart

Steve Taylor

Andy Obrien










Can  players please make the effort to be in the changing rooms by 6.50 pm at the  latest to pay(so i can get out for a warm up)


Please be on the park changed and ready to start at 7 pm.there has been a trend of late of this not happening. As


we are paying £6 for a hour of Football lets make sure that's what we get



I have taken money from the Funds to purchase 4 new balls from Campus Sports


Andy O'Brien  will bring  out 2 new Balls only and the other 2 will be kept in reserve


It is EVERY ONES  responsibility  to make sure Balls are collected at the end








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Andy Whytock Votes Darryl

Richard Mackie Votes Elvis

Stewart Reid Votes Richard

Allan Main Votes Mike

Darryl Bain Votes Richard

Craig Taylor votes Richard

Danny Griffin Votes Richard

Ronnie Smith Votes Steve


Dave McDonald Votes Ronnie

Brian Campbell Votes Richard

Barney Black  Votes Elvis

Gav Stewart Votes Richard

Mike Main Votes Allan

Callum Stewart Allan

Steve Taylor Votes Ronnie

Andy Obrien Elvis


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