Sunday 26Th January 2014 Queens Park Home@north Inch Campus Astro

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Now confirmed as a 1PM Kick-Off at North Inch Community Camus on the Astro with a 1PM Kick Off

Meet at Reception for 12.15 Sharp please
So Who's Aye and Who's Naw?
Aye:-James Packer,Mark,Eric,Liam,Goose,John, Stewart,,Andy,Macho,Jan,Cossy,Callum Thompson, Paul Anderson T,Graeme Laing
Naw:-Ronnie,Craig,Fraser,Elvis,Colin,Mike Gordon,Paul Leaver,Garry Nicholson,




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We lost this one 4-2 but it was not the defeat it sounds.We lead 1-0 with a Hepburn goal about 15 minutes in but Queens got level and went into the break 2-1 up.Jan McMahon pulled us level and mi=uch of the second half a 2-2 stalemate looked like the final Score,Sadly John Dunbar missed a Penalty to put us 3-2 up and The Queens boys took advantage and went 3-2 themselves from a free kick.There then followed a bizzare fluke from 40 yard that bounced over Debutant Keeper James Packers head to make the final Score 4-2 to the Spiders.Thanks To Iain and The QP lads for coming through and a game played in the proper manner as usual.The Football was followed by a few pints and Food in Ormonds and as per usual the QP boys out lasted the home team by some distance


Ironically with a Left Midfielder pulling out pre match and another Left Footed player not turning up we probably lost this with the lack of a left midfield.That's the way it goes though!


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