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Motm Aberdeen 1 - Saints 2 - 13/04/14 Sc S-F

MOTM Aberdeen 1 - Saints 2 - 13/04/14 SC S-F  

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Just wanted to offer sincere congratualtions to Saints and their fans. It was your day and on the basis of the 2nd half performance you deserved the victory.


Both goals were top quality and it was inevitable that Stevie May would break his duck agaianst us today.


Anyway - well done and all the best for the Final.

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Some player ratings after a fantastic day:

Mannus- made a massive save from rooney at 1-0 and kicking was good. Couldn't of done much more at the goal but felt he was hesitant at times to come and claim crosses into the box. 6/10

Mackay- had a good game in attack and was always an option for a pass but often beaten by mcGinn too easily in the first half. Improved in the second half. 5/10

Anderson- had some wobbly moments but otherwise solid enough. 5/10

Wright- was a real colossus at times and particularly late on in the game he defended superbly. 7/10

Easton- poor start but grown into the game and was always supporting o'halloran and then may. Would like to see him cross more. Not his hardest game defensively against Robson. 6/10

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Millar- fantastic game in the centre of the park as his energy constantly rushed the Aberdeen midfield. Found himself doing the work of two men in the first half but once dunne improved he really helped support the attack. Passing good as always.8/10

Dunne- as I already mentioned he had a pretty dreadful first half, but picked up without ever being all that good. Lots of misplaced passes. Mentioned a few weeks ago there's a player in there but he really needs to find it for the final. 4/10

O'halloran- did a lot of running and worked hard but end product wasn't there. Looked better on the right. 6/10

Wotherspoon- quiet. Passed the ball well enough but not sure if he offered much in attack. 5/10

May- Superb. By far saints most promising player in the first half he followed this up by ripping Aberdeen apart on the left flank which seems to suit him better in the big games- more space to run and cut inside. Have seen his first goal again since I got home and it really is brilliant- great touch to take it down, another to take it past the boy and a third to place home with his left foot. Pure class. 9/10 MotM

Maclean- best player in Scotland with his back to goal. Won every header and shown what he's all about with a great flick for the second goal. 8/10

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