Worldwide St Johnstone Fans Travel - Scottish Cup Final 2014

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Coming from Brussels with my dad tomorrow night... Uncle is coming from a remote island between Denmark and Sweden!!


Amazing to see the lengths that some people have gone to!


Am already extremely nervous. May be vommiting at kick off!


Come On You Saints!




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4450 miles completed to rural Perthshire without a hitch so far. Just the 70 or so tomorrow to my brothers in Glasgow and I'll be there!

Cracking effort by all those on this thread but I echo the thoughts of others in saying that the guys who are there every week are the real heroes (or lucky ones!).

There will be a fair few Rwandans who have never heard of Scotland looking out for our result on Saturday as well. Possible pre-season tour destination next year?...

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Boarding Passes printed....


Will be getting my NYC Taxi Cab.....


See you all super saintees tomorrow....  COYS


First stop A murrays pie then a phone card then a stick for my flag as I cant take it on the plane....


Fantastic. Make yourself known. I travel to New York every fall and would like to have an adult beverage with you after all this.

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Was reading in the Saints pull out supplement of  the P.A. today about the travellers from far flung places and wondered why it was


difficult obtaining a copy of the P.A.


Could it be  that they were buying up the copies as souvenirs to take home?


 On  reaching page 11,  the shortage of copies became apparent, in all his shining glory, looking back at me was a face I have seen on many occasions and whose voice I have heard even more.


The guy from that far flung place.........North Muirton.




"Knock, knock"'s..........................GHOSTIE.. :laugh: :laugh:





P.S. have a good read. :wink:

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