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Monday Night Football @mcdiarmid Astro:teams And Man Of The Match Votes Thread For April 21St 2014 :game 16/14

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Subject to confirmations and call offs the teams will be

The White Team

James Packer GK C mom darryl

Stewart Reid C mom  eric

Dan Shek C mom paul

Allan Main C
Barney Black mom  paul

Dave Macdonald C mom stevie
Mike Gordon mom ronnie

Garry Nicholson C mom craig


The Dark Side

Paul Bullions  mom eric

Stevie CarrC mom barney

Darryl Bain C mom craig

Eric Laing C mom andy ob

Craig Taylor C mom darryl
Derek Soreide C mom james
Andy Obrien   C mom eric

Ronnie Smith C mom dave


Confirmations please
Known Waiting List(After some consideration Andy Whytock,Craig Taylor,Eric Laing and Andy O'Brien and Dave Macdonald will all have automatic wild cards back to the top of list as all have been helpers when i have not been there , obviously they cant all be top at Once. so first confirmations will determine order

Waiting list




Gav Stewart

Gordon Muir

Mike Main

Danny Griffin

Andy whytock
Brian Campbell

Richard Mackie

Robert Thompson

John Rebbeck

Colin Heller


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