Block Booking For Final Match Tickets

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Tickets..... The club have confirmed we can do a block booking. I am happy to arrange this for anyone interested. Details will be published tomorrow from the club, but I will arrange tickets in the cheapest area when they go on sale. Much like the bus, you will need to transfer money to me up front before they go on sale so I can buy them on Friday. Other friends not on the bus can also get a ticket with us, but will have to pay. You don't have to get your ticket this way, you can get your own, but if you want to be part of the block booking, tell your mates, and get the money ready to transfer to me later this week.

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I am expecting you to receive the following


From me - £48 (1 adult 2 kids)

Marc (Anthony) Turnbull £56 (2 adult)

Mark Aitken - £84 (3 adult)

Ally Urquhart - £28 (1 adult)


and also


Stuart Miller - £28 (1 adult) - not on bus but wanting seat next to us (coming from Shetland)

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Adults - £28
Concessions (Under 16s, Over 65s and Students with a valid Matriculation card) - £10


If anyone wants to transfer the money to the same account as before, I will add to the block booking application.








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match tickets in block booking confirmed.... let me know if there are any mistakes, although i wont be able to fix it, as the booking is already in.

Adult Concession

Stuart 12 2

Ishy 2

nold 7

craig gordon 2 2

chopper 2

baldy marc 4

malloys 3 5

r mac 2 2

stuart miller 1


edstar 1 2

MARC turnbull 2


ally urquhart 1

Mark aitken 3

A tulloch 1

C gordon 1 2

Nelly 5 5

G moyles 3

Barney 2

Baldy marcs mates 3 2

Gregor z 1 2

dougie 1

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Stu, i take it you got the tickets in some sort of order so that the full paying adults can sit beside their concessions, as its no going to be like the semi when we could just sit anywhere and move, we will be restricted to our seats probably, maybe I'm be too hopeful of a huge saints support with my blue goggles on, but don't want to be fooking about swapping seats to get to sit beside the rest in my group, just had this scary thought when I looked at the above list and wondered how tickets are being sent out from saints, not that I don't trust your organisational skills!!!

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Tried my best, but a 95 seat block booking may be tough.

They were just giving people first seats available, but I think I sorted a certain area.

Not sure how it will work, I did make the request, even if it's mixed up, I'm sure it will be fine.

I want all groups to sit together.

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For our group booking, we have initially been allocated top tier tickets, right behind the goal. We can either keep them, out get lower tier by the corner flag. I need to confirm by midday. What are people's thoughts? Will go with majority.

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I haven't been there for a looooong time and have no idea which would be better.


However, top tier behind the goal, you know pretty much what you are getting. I was right down at the corner flag at the Hibs v Aberdeen game and it was pretty shit as at that angle you couldnt really tell if a shot was on target or not. We might end up right down in the corner.


On the flip side....I take it the lower tier will be full, whereas the top tier might not (?) Better atmos in the bottom tier??


I do realise this has been no help whatsoever

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