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Cup Final Dunfermline / Livingston Deer Park Bus

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Message from the bus company

The halbeath park ride is a no pick up zone for coaches its for service buses only they will have to walk to the bus stop on the main road with the coach facing cowdenbeath we will tell the coach to be there dead on 1000 as we won’t be able to wait at the bus stop.

I'll be getting on here, can everyone else that is getting picked up here make sure they are on time!

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This bus is now confirmed with the names below...


Dunfermline Halbeath park and ride... 10am


supersaintee 4

Craig and Jane 3

D Macdonald 1  

giffy j craig 1

Tony dumfermline 21

thommo 1



Pickup East End Park 10am

Kirsty wap (saint5588) 9



Pickup at Deer Park 10:30am


Gaz9274 8


This leaves 1 spare seat for emergencies...

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Buses will be in Nuneaton Street, Boden Street and Dunn Street after the game... Not sure which one yet. But I have printed up signs for each bus...


Named -


Edinburgh saints bus 1

Edinburgh saints bus 2

Edinburgh saints bus 3

Dunfermline/livi saints bus 4


I will try to find out from the companies, which street which bus is in, but not sure it will work.  May just need to trawl those streets?

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