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On 15/12/2015 at 11:46 PM, RandomGuy said:

By all accounts Lomas had virtually lost the entire dressing room by the time he left, had fallen out with the chairman, and had fallen out with his coaching staff. If he'd stayed we be in a far worse position than we are, would never have had the joy of Stevie May and would never have won the cup.

His achievements were good for us, but I'm loathe to say he's one of our best managers when he was well on course to destroy all the hard work that had been made to get us back to the top half, theres more to consider than simply league finishes.

Apparently he got rid of Jody Morris because all the players called Jody boss

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15 hours ago, Templar Saint said:

See Tommy's old side kick Steve Lomas is co commentator on Sky for NIR v Israel.

With that background maybe a candidate for the soon to be vacated (based on performances by wee Neil) Dundee job.

I would bloody love it if Lomas ended up managing Dundee. It would make our derbies absolute must-sees.

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8 hours ago, Abernethy Saint said:

Was anyone else shocked to see Tommy Wright scoring for Sutton United in the Irn Bru Cup at the weekend? Tommy usually plays in goals.

He heard goalies were rubbish as managers so he took the opportunity to top up his CV

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