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All Bus Information.. Ask Any Questions Here.

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Appreciate not everyone has my number, so will post the info here.

Dunfermline/livi bus is leaving 10am, picking up 1 group at deer park (opposite beefeater) please be at your pickup early, as bus won't wait. Craig is your contact, and he will have match tickets for those who purchased them as part of the group booking,

Edinburgh buses 1.2.3 are all leaving at 10:30 sharp. Please be there by 10:15 at latest, as we will not wait. Leaves Alexander graeme bell wetherspoons on George street, which opens at 9am.

All buses are going straight to craigpark masters snooker club. And dropping us off. We then walk (25/30 mins) or get a quick taxi if anyone requires. Most people are leaving at 2pm to get there for 30 mins build up to the game (wave to Supersaint,,,,, he will be lonely, but he finishes at 2:45pm)

At 2:52 we are doing a coordinated song and then card display as the team emerges... (The song with twirling scarves etc)

After the game, we then go to our buses (whenever people leave the stadium,..,) go straight there....

Buses will be in Nuneaton Street, Boden Street and Dunn Street... Not sure which one yet. But I have printed up signs for each bus...

Named -

Edinburgh saints bus 1 (big stu is convener)

Edinburgh saints bus 2 (nelly is convener)

Edinburgh saints bus 3 (blarney is convener)

Dunfermline/livi saints bus 4 (Craig is convener)

If you are late, we will assume you are staying in Glasgow, and head back to edinburgh....

When in edinburgh ALL buses are going to the Polwarth tavern initially (including the Dunfermline/livi bus, unless we can arrange something else) then the Dunfermline bus goes back to Dunfermline, and we have the option for 1 bus to go to Perth..... This can be decided on the day, and will cost £100 1 way... You will need to make your own way back.

I think that is everything, but of you have any other questions, please message here and I will keep looking and reply, or pm me and I will give you my mobile number.

This is my last bus task.... So let's all enjoy the day. SING LOUD.... COYS

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Last post from bus w@nk3r..... NO ALCOHOL ON BUS.... if you bring any our booking Will be cancelled. Not worth me, the driver and the alcohol carrier being done. Don't be that dude. PLENTY time to drink before and after. Smugglers Will be chucked off the bus. I am a laid back guy who bends the rules, but after my 21 hours organising this, I wouldn't recommend calling my bluff..... COYS.....

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Stu, do you know if the bus will be getting to the Polwarth Tavern via Wester Hails and then the Lanark Road (A70)?

Only reason I'm asking is that if it is it would be incredibly handy for me to be able to jump off the bus at the Gillespie crossroads so I can head back along the A70 towards Currie/Balerno.

However I understand that if you make allowances for me to jump off early you might need to do it for a lot more and this could end up being a pain in the arse for everyone else who want to get to the pub to start the victory party so if it's not an option (or if the bus isn't even going along the Lanark road) it's not a problem. I'll just jump on a bus at Haymarket and bore everyone on it by going on about our glorious win...hopefully the bus will be full of Hearts and Hibs fans.


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