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Dave Ferg

Lucerne Hq

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Some information as I read some things. Just to prevent misunderstandings and problems for you guys:


Most famous for whores:

Café Nizza and Cafe Bar Milano. Can't tell you how they are but these are the most famous ones ;-)


For beer:

- go to a supermarket like "Coop" and buy your stuff. This is the cheapest option to get alcohol. Otherwise there's a small shopping mall in the main station. There you can find a small shop called "Drinks of the world" with a lot of good local and international beer. It's a wee bit more expensive, but they really have a large number of different beers and alcohol.

My favourite local beers are: Eichhof Klosterbräu, Eichhof Braugold, Eichhof Barbara (headache included the next morning, but I like it), Eichhof Lager, Luzerner Bier, Baarer Bier (they've got different ones) and the Rathausbräu.


- a good local (!) bar/pub: Rathausbrauerei. It's a nice restaurant at the banks of the river located next to the Pickwick's Pub and the big stairs which is heading into the old town. They brew their own beer which is pretty delicious in my opinion. You can even see the tanks in the restaurant where they produce the refreshing liquid.


- Zone 5 is a good place and the local supporters pub. On Wednesday it's ok to go there and have some beer and Scots are warmly welcomed after the fan game. :) Since it is a pub run by supporters and volunteers the prices are a bit lower than in other pubs. But on matchday they normally don't let supporters of the opponent's team in. This is because of bad experiences and problems from earlier games. The community there is pretty open minded and easy going but there is still the risk of people getting pissed if there are opponent fans in their own pub on a matchday. Especially after drinking some beer. Another point is, that if there are loads of opponent fans in or around the Zone 5, police will increase their troups in this area which can lead to stupid reactions and problems. So no offence against you guys, it's just a matter of security. So if someone's coming on Thursday, just don't dress too obvious. ;) I bet then it won't be any problem to be there.


Local food:

There are some chocolate products like (Wassertürmli, Rägetröpfli, ...) which are local specialities. You'll find them in the pink Bachmann or in the Läderach stores.

A typical Luzern meal is "Luzerner Chügelipastetli". Just google it. :-D Otherwise just eat a Raclette, Fondue, a Roesti or other obvious Swiss meals if you're into it. Generally it isn't "haute cuisine" but proper food and pretty delicious.


Some legal stuff:

Drinking in public is allowed but smoking is prohibited in restaurants and public buildings.

There's a new "hooligan law" in Switzerland which is applied since the beginning of this year. The police is allowed to kick you out of town for 24 hours if you behave rude or are too drunk. Especially with football fans they are a bit more strict. But I don't think that they'll do this to Scots, especially when you are just walking around in small groups. The new law was set up because of troubles with the different big Ultra groups and Hooligan firms of some clubs. In fact it doesn't change much and riots aren't prevented with these new regulations. Luzern lads will be easy going with you guys because there is just no rivalry with St. Johnstone.


A big "fan march / procession" now has to be approved in advance with the local police authorities. I don't know how they handle it with you Scottish guys, but big fan marches probably won't be allowed. So I think they'll provide free busses to get to the stadium together. Otherwise walking takes about 20 minutes, the train ride to the underground station next to the stadium takes 2 minutes.


Meeting point for you won't be in front of the station for sure. I think the police will provide a "protected zone" at the banks of the river. At least it was like this two years ago with the Genk lads.


There are some nice public swimming areas next to the camping area and on the other side of the lake. The weather is said to be nice and warm so you can go for a swim in the very clear and clean lake.


Oh and almost forgot. For the guys arriving on Tuesday and who are interested in athletics. The international athletics meeting "Spitzenleichtathletik Luzern" takes place on that evening. It is held just behind the football stadium. Asafa Powell is starting, so there's quality in the meeting. Just in case... :D


For more information have a look at my entry some days ago:

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Shamrock, Anfield, Pickwick, Legend's, Rathausbrauerei, Schweizerhof Lobby, Old town in general: Just cross the river. Everything within 5-10 mins walking distance.

Roadhouse (open until 4am every day), Borromini: Just across the street next to the UBS or McDonalds

Zone 5: 5 min walking from the station. Leave the station on the left side facing the river and walk along the tracks until you get to the big roundabout. It's across the street there.

Nice summer bars: next to the KKL and in the inseli area--> right side of the station. Less than 5 minutes walking.

There are other bars. You see,the town is pretty small and you can walk everywhere.

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In addition to what Billy Tell says above, you guys have got lucky. After what feels like weeks of solid rain, it's warming up again:


Luzern on a hot summers day is a cracking place to be. It's for sure the prettiest Swiss town and is a tourist hotspot, especially popular with folks from Asia.

There are two beach sites on the lake if you want to jump in the lake to cool down. (Jumping off the wooden bridge is frowned upon) Lido is a thirty minute walk or ten minute bus ride from the station and costs 7chfs to get into. It's more of a family place than the Ufschötti which has more of a semi naked ladies, a waft of marijuana, some Latino music and the smell of grilling meat sort of vibe. It's only a 5 minute or so hike from the station.

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You'll be cheaper buying it from a Kiosk or supermarket than buying it on the train though. A 2chf 500ml can from the shop will cost you 8chf on the train if I remember correctly. 

There's a coop at Basel Main Station ("platform" above the railway tracks). If you have time, get beer & snacks there for the 1 hour ride to Luzern. Cheapest option. :)


Weather => as mentioned by JCBT => Best weather in a month for you guys! Enjoy it!


Oh: How to distinguish between the both Blue-White St Johnstone and FC Luzern Fans? Hint: One set of supporters all have a sun burn!!! :)

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I'm absolutely buzzing for this one. Turkey I was a little unsure in the run up due to the reputation of the Turks. Needn't have bothered - AMAZING! Norway I was excited but expected to be pumped. Needn't have bothered - AMAZING! This time, just won the cup, going to a stunning place, weather looks phenomenal, drinking outside in the sun, lakes and mountains, pubs and clubs, 800 Saints fans! Result doesn't matter, this is going to be AMAZING!

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In case you dont all know: on wednesday 19:01 pm there will be a game just next to the stadium, where saint supporters play against home supporters. It would be great to see some more coming to watch and drink some beer! You will all be welcome at the zone 5 (supporters pub) party afterwards.

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