Saints Development League Thread

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St. Johnstone team v Thistle: Miller, Buchanan, Evans, Wilson, Kitchen, Kerr, Thomson, Easton, Lander, Caddis, McLaren.


This match finished 4 - 3 to Thistle who were 3 - 1 up at half time and scored another early into the 2nd half.

Partick scored 1st in 14mins through Eccleston their new signing from Blackpool. Another goal for Thistle in 19mins from Duggan made it 2 nil, Duggan netting again from the penalty spot on 27 mins with Partick coasting before Saints pulled one back with Kerr scoring with a powerful strike from a cleared corner by the Thistle defence. 2nd half Saints went 4 - 1 down when Duggan secured his third on 51mins. Saints pressed as the half drew to a close with Gray netting for Saints on 84mins and Buchanan scoring in the 90th minute to make it 4 - 3 in the aftermath of that goal McInally of Thistle was sent off and although Saints pressed for a winner the match ended 4 - 3 to the home side.

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Saints lost 1-0. Not sure how exactly as we had the better chances. There goal was a fumble by keeper Hurst. Muzz played 90 minutes. Was okay. Caddis also played 90 minutes but wasnae great.




Cheers for the update ---Better Blog thanthe ones in  the national newspapers !!

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