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Malky Mckay, Iain Moody

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Abstract jokes would be one thing, but my understanding is that most of the txts were about colleagues/employees/superiors, which makes it work place harassment/abuse. Especially as they were using company property.


Having said that, I suspect that this company, will get much more publicity now than if they'd stayed on as sponsors at the club and this hadn't happened.


Difficult to define really though. Workplace harassment/bullying etc is defined as "behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended".  With that definition, assuming the only time this was ever discussed was via text then it could likely be argued that the colleagues/employees/superiors cannot be offended or feel intimidated by something they would never have seen.  The thing that swings this the other was is the common property argument.  Depending on Cardiff's IT policy, there may (ridiculously) be no case to answer (ie if Moody & McKay used their personal phones).


Not defending racism/sexism/homophobia, just pointing out there is a good chance there will be no case to answer.

McKay still ends up with a tarnished reputation and will be forever categorized as a racist either way. 

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Bloody Jews, chasing money.


We protestants would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER chase money.


Gassing's too good for the curley-haired wankers. When are people going to realise that saying you are a bad person because of the church your great-great-great grandfather didn't go to, and the colour of your skin, and the bodily orifice you choose to stick your smelly cock in is a GOOD THING. It's PC gone mad.


More of this sort of thing.


Haud on - is Whelan no an IRA-loving gypsy paddy b******?


Fire up the gas.

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Whelan now being accused of anti-semitism for saying Jews chase money.

Boy when the pc brigade get a bone they don`t let go.

Everyone is shit scared that they err on the side of the pc brigade.

The Aberdeen right back claims the Celtic winger made a racist remark to him although no one else heard it but they ban the Celtic winger.

Its getting out of hand.

Absolutely spot on

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