Managerial Merry-Go-Round

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How so?  Absolutely no scrap of evidence to support the speculation.  Nothing.  Just completely made up.  Like most things in the media these days.

Keeps you lot on the back foot, and has stopped you all talking about the game MS ;)


All kidding aside, McCall and Mixu are joint favourites, but Tommy is an outside bet.  I would have him in a minute! If you had watched United over the last,  3 years, which the BOD have Tommy would clearly be in the running.  don't know why everyone thinks United are skint or in some kind of financial crisis, we are in better shape than we have been for 15 years.  Some of the stuff about ST trousering all the transfer cash and leaving is bordering on hysterical.....transfers do not work in that way, fees are always staggered and are worked into liquid capital going forward, not paid in full and available to the chairman as a lump sum. 

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Guy who succeeded Mark Warburton at Brentford, Marinus Dijkhuizen got the tin tack today after 9 games in charge.

Brentford overacheived last season. At best they are a bottom half Championship team. Breadman got a bit of luck but boardroom / owner changes made it clear that he had to go to make way for a favourite. 

This sort of thing is cropping up regularly in English football. Leeds are another.

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