Jan 15 Transfer Window Discussion - Rumours Allowed!

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I would be surprised as they have a fair number of forwards already, hence why Graham left on loan as he was down the pecking order

I wouldn't Ed, we have a fair number of forwards but no number 9, a good Scottish SPFL number 9 is exactly what we need to compensate for the 4 number 10s we play every week!  Graham just missed too many chances, although in terms of minutes on the pitch his return was reasonable, just not convincing enough and he never really got his confidence/fitness levels up to where they should be!

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If he never got his fitness level up then Utd should be taking a long hard look at their coaching staff.


More to do with niggling injuries and not getting a run in the team to firm up match fitness, than coaching TS.  He was competing with Goodwillie for the first half of the season, when Goodie moved on in January BG was short of SPFL game time to be match fit, sometimes it happens to players. Some Utd fans will tell you he just missed too many chances, for me that's harsh and ismore a result of being a squad player rather than a certain starter.

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I think he is a decent squad player. When Macca is back fit - Brian may well see himself on the bench for us assuming we stick with the 451 formation.

i think for the first few weeks when Macca gets back he will be on the bench,replacing Brian late on. 


I think eventually we will play Macca as loan striker with Graham playing the May role as he tends to like coming in from the left.

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United wanting £3m for Cifcti?? I thought it's 31st December and no 1st April??

I suppose they can demand what they want now, with the financial pressures to sell lifted. Might be £3m to Celtic, but slightly less to everyone else.

Does raise a bit of an interesting question though, how much are clubs best players now worth?

What could we have realistically got for may if it wasn't for him going into the last year of his contract?

Will aberdeen be able to get more for their young players, likewise Hearts, Hibs etc?

I think the days of the OF and English teams getting the best young Scottish players on the cheap are gone. Clubs are not in debt now and in no need to sell, will ensure that they get more for their best players.

£3m for Cifti does sound a bit high, but then Utd have shown recently that they can get that kind of fee and won't be pushed around easily when it comes to transfers.

What they have shown is that they are willing to filter that money down the leagues by in turn buying lower league players.

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