Danny Swanson

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Forget about the best bits, it's the WORST bits that concern me.

Having seen him perform against Saints, he always seemed to cause us problems.

Looking forward to doing the same to the opposition with his pace, where the burden of pace is carried on the shoulders of MOH.

As teams are now aware of MOH's pace, he gets extra attention.

Welcome and good luck Mr Swanson.

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From what I hear he is better off out of the Pressley shambles at Coventry who seem destined for a relegation fight. They must be desperate as well because they have appointed Dave Hockaday, one of Cellino's finest appointments at Elland Road.

I digress, Danny wants game time according to Pressley, so someone, probably Wright, will have guaranteed it.

Welcome to Perth and all the best.

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This is a great signing and potentially could prove to be as an important one as James Dunne last year. I hope we can make this a permanent signing as we should have done with Dunne.

Welcome Danny.


Was watching various highlights on You Tube last night and again saw what Dunne brought to the team. Pity we didn't keep him :cry:


Hopefully Danny will fit in as quickly

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