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New Members Required With Immediate Effect

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With recent resignations our committee are very thin on the ground and we desperately need new blood

If you have any desire to see this group continue and flourish.please join us otherwise we will not be able to continue to run buses and raise funds for Saints youth development.

We have a meeting on 26th of this month if you fancy helping us move forward please come along

Gav Stewart


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Attended the clubs AGM yesterday and listened to what was said.


Club is in no bad condition financially BUT could do with more punters in over the weekends using the bar.


NO one stood against the current Chairman and he has agreed to stay on until someone does.


Not seen their constitution yet but they have NO vice-chairman in place and are currently running the committee although 4 places still remain available on the General Committee.



The members were told that events at the club were not overly attended and the Chairman wondered why - so if anyone has ideas about this then stick them up for discussion -lets no attack staff or committee members but give valid reasons.


I ken some of the junior footballers (kids) had a very bad experience recently and I think the Chairman is planning taking that on board (Think -but not 100%).


It is a Saints Supporters club and needs to generate further revenue before it sorts out is "dreary" reputation.

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