Meeting 2/10/2015

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Welcome to the Scone section where you will soon find information regarding matters of the Scone St.Johnstone supporters.

Our first meeting took place on the 26th September 2015 in Kinnears and the following people were elected.


CHAIR - Robert Reid

VICE - Stuart Myles

SEC - Craig Daly

TRS - Moi.


THis meeting was well attended and it was left to the CHAIR to arrange another meeting ASAP.

This has now been called for TONIGHT 2nd October 2015 and will again be held in KInnears at 6-30pm.

ALL interested parties are invited to attend and the following will be discussed and progressed.




ANY other business

The CHAIR has sourced various bus companies and will ratify these tonight -He hopes to have a bus up and running for the Partick Thistle HOME game on the 17th October 2015.

Anyone who cannot attend and has any suggestions can leave them on here and they will be looked at.

This page will be updated ASAP when a decision has been finalised for everything.

Anyone from Barossa Street interested in travelling on the bus should let us know asap and they will be informed of pricing etc.


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