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Abernethy Saint

Manifest Destiny - do I have your copy?

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Please take a moment to prepare yourselves for the latest update. It's incredibly exciting and I don't want to be responsible for anyone's hearty. 


The UN Acting High Commissionaire for the Exchange of Kidnapped Football Memorabilia (Scottish Division) otherwise known as Grahame the Nethy postie has delivered wur copy! The Sneckieboys copy will be posted the morn. Although I never asked for it, these gentlemen and superb Saintees paid all the postage.

Whats slightly baffling is that our copy also has all the squads signatures, it's only missing God Tommy and Sir Roderick's personal dedications to Ronnie and Dave. I'm supremely chuffed, and I also hope said Tommy and Roddy appreciate how much they are appreciated by these Braw fans to go to all this trouble.


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Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.!!!

Just won a copy of the book for answering "who scored the fastest ever goal for Saints in 21 seconds"? on Hospital Radio Perth.

(fully autographed, no less) 

Well done Hoodlum, but are we scared to speak on the radio and give out your own name LAUGH OUT LOUD.

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