muiton park painting

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hi there


I recently painted this of muirton park ,I have a few a3 prints of it left in stock ,there £15 inc p&p ,a great momento for any saints fan





£15 is reasonable.why don't you inform everyone you also have to add another £3 onto the costs due to vat.


its £18 in total dude.

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I can remember there being no point trying to get to a Celtic or cheats game if you weren't a ST holder. I also remember not missing a home game for about 2 years because they were always handing out free tickets to the kids through the schools. There us to be bigger crowds for a game against Raith or Alloa then than there are now for games against Hearts or the cheats. Why? £22. That's why. It's insane.

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football is nothing without fans , for me the tickets should be between £10 - £15 adults kids for free with an adult , if they get a better deal they will buy a programme /pie drink etc they will soon make the money up , have a better crowd and atmosphere

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