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The Fair City Unity are holding a meeting at the Mallard Pub in North Muirton on Wednesday 4pm. The meeting is light hearted and hoping to get a more people to add to the existing 70+. I'm sure the majority of the you probably would have seen the section before so you know what to expect by now. Just a post on here to any fans who want to adopt the ultras mentality  and add to the atmosphere. The meeting will be regarding displays, fundraising, spending, the group, rules & values of the group, sections, away days, section cards and pass on information about safe standing. Food will be on for those who get peckish ;) 


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So far the group has been a success, therefore keep up the good relationship between club and group. The group will only continue to grow.

• If you haven't already it would be worthwhile creating a PayPal account allowing people to donate for future displays.
• Sell FCU merchandise. 
• Collection outside the East before each game, providing the club give consent. (For games where charities are outside, hold the collection inside)
• Have a social media presence, I know previously it wasn't wanted, however
may be good to increase numbers and raise funds.
I would come along on Wednesday, however there is no chance for me getting there anytime before 6. Hope all discussions go well and please post outcome.

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