Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

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Said it before and say it again, the only time we have had decent fair impartial refs was when that shower of OF apologist shitebags went on strike and we brought in the Maltese guys.

£1k a game my arse get the OF tae pay them thats who they work for.

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Oh come on lads! Everybody knows the game is institutionally biast against Celtic.  Do you know they have only won about 120 trophies, the establishment have cheated them out of all the rest.....they play Woodie Guthrie songs, fly Palestinian flags, they are pure anti establishment as f*ck....any decisions they get are honest mistakes, WHICH THE MIGHTY TIC ARE DUE AFTER YEARS AND YEARS OF OUTRAGEOUS DISCRIMINATION AGAINST GOD'S CHOSEN 11......

There are times I really don't miss the top flight!

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