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Good result. Sander on the ground getting treatment for at least 10 mins. Didn't look good but hopefully no long term damage & ready for start of season.

As has been said if Spoony could play like that every week ,he would not be with us.

Thought Gilchrist had a good game.

Left back had a poor first 10 mins & gave away a pen but came on to a decent game so may bre decent cover for Easton.

No room on bench for Mannus & Paton who may have been given time off seeing as they played for Ireland.

Also no Comrie,Kerr,Craig,Alston & the injured East on & Craig. Do we have any places for new signings without getting rid of a few ?.

Trialist looked OK but not sure what he could do over 90 mins.

A bit dissapointed with Scougall as too easily pushed off the ball.

Midge ran the game.

Can't see Sunderland getting back in premiership. The only decent player in their team was the number 7.


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Always difficult to judge players in a friendly. Wotherspoon took his goals well, particularly after skying one earlier. Thought Tanser looked ok going forward, although a little suspect defending. Gilchrist settled after a bit of a nervous start. The trialist looked like he had something, but reckon you'd need to see him from the start to get any real idea.

Mannone's mistake for the first was a beaut. and they didn't look anything great. Unless its very early in their pre-season there doesn't seem to be much there.

Hopefully, Clark's injury isn't too bad....just as well Mannus signed on again though.

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Really hope Zander is okay, looked bad the amount of time he was being treated. 

Saints looked great in that first half, playing lots of good football. Spoony's second goal is well worth watching.

Millar and Davidson bossed the midfield, if we can keep the pair of them fit we'll do well. Maclean had a great first half as well, involved in lots of our good play.

At the back, Gilchrist looked far more confident and did well. Thought Tanser was terrible to start with, gave away a penalty that Zander saved, but he improved as the game went on. He looks to find a pass out from the back which is good to see.

Spoony and Scougall both had good games. There was a young ginger lad that came on at right mid, O'something, didn't catch his name, but he did well in his 12 minutes or so.

And the trialist....  yes I would offer him a deal right now. He is very quick, strong, and can play a bit. He'll probably be frustrating at times, but he is exactly what we need to add in attack...

2 year deal, win the league with him, then sell him on for £10m, jobs a good 'un.

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Any video of the backpass that let to the free kick for the first? It was so bizarre.

First half we were good today. Good tempo about the team. If only Spoony could play like that every week.....

Trialist looked good too.

Fair play to the Sunderland fans, decent numbers, but they are let down by a poor side. Looked better when they put their youngsters on. 

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