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Poty Awards

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Why doesn’t someone set up one of the voting things? I tried, but couldn’t figure out how, and would forget half the squad’s name anyway. Then at least we would have an “official” POTY if an award could be made. It would be just as valid as a match by match thing, and fairer than using Monty’s thing this year which stopped part way through. Could a mod step in here? 

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Player of the year.... the title or the question is a tough one.  Clearly a team season, with plenty of individual mistakes.  Any stand outs? for me no. Who would I give it to, they all deserve it, as on mass have been similar with few stand out performances.  

If Zander had put McCann on his arse at Dens then that would be player of the year. As he didn't...  Well.... let's give to MoH.  Without him we'd be in a right mess just now. He led us to leading the league on 2 separate occasions.  Obviously he won't win it but that's who I have enjoyed watchinh this season  albeit it was only for the first 6 or so games this season.

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Does this look like a complete list of those who have played for us this season? Have a feeling there may have been a couple of younger guys I have missed. 

Alan Mannus
Zander Clark
Scott Tanser
Brian Easton
Joe Shaughnessy
Steven Anderson
Liam Gordon
Ally Gilchrist
Jason Kerr
Keith Watson
Richard Foster
Aaron Comrie
Blair Alston
Chris Millar
Murray Davidson
Kyle McClean
David Wotherspoon
Paul Paton
Stefan Scougall
Liam Craig
Craig Thomson
Michael O'Halloran
Steven MacLean
Denny Johnstone
Graham Cummins
Callum Hendry
Chris Kane

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5 hours ago, garydavidson said:

@Radford 72 is usually the man for putting up the young player of the year, so hopefully that one will get done - even if there is no trophy or what not.

I take my direction from @The ghost of Jim Morton on this matter. He seems to have deserted the forum, if not the team thankfully.

Did the YPOTY not go to that Preston loanee last year? Good luck in getting the trophy back in that case!

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Not quite deserted but not far off which will delight some of the membership.  lolololo

As for the Poty..  After last years  disaster of  no trophies returned even after I  started  the process very early I said I was done with it and with the trophies.. I never attended last year and have no idea which trophies were final returned and who got a trophy and who did not . If anyone want to try and find out and if anyone wants to  organise anything, please feel free , you won't be stepping on my toes..  After spending a fair bit of my own cash and time doing this for a few years  I felt desperately let down by the whole thing.  Will not be attending the event this year..


Hope this helps clarify where  things are with this..


PS. Paul Smith might be the man to ask  regarding trophies and their whereabouts.




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Loads of respect Gordon for your efforts,been there, done it,with a supporters club,get little acknowledgement and even less tolerance from most. I like the idea of a vote near end of season for waps award,whether there’s a trophy or not,but I’d be happy to donate one,and hopefully get it engraved,not going either,but would get Roy to present it,could be fun :laugh:

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