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Saturday 26th May PSJ v Livingston GS

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PSJ v Livingston GS
26th May 2018
10am kick off at Loch Leven on 3G.

This Saturday, we host Livingston GS in Kinross, it is looking promising that they will get a team, if not then we will play Celtic on the grass instead.

I’m looking to firm up the squad and see who can take their cars?

In (15)
Lee Kelman, Andy McDowell, Cal Kennedy, Blair Kaylor, Michael Rodger, Josh Henderson, Kevin Sullivan, Jamie Mckay, Ruari Kaylor, Daniel Scott, Nick Findlay, Govin Logan, Jordan Thomson, Dale Walker, Matthew Gallagher

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Great win this morning in the searing heat of Loch Leven to take us within half a bawhair of being crowned league champions for the second year in a row.

PSJ 5-3 Livingston GS

Goals from Matthew Gallagher(3) Dale Walker and Ruari Kaylor

PSJ Motm - Lee Kelman
Oppo Motm - Matthew Gallagher 

All we need to do is play next Saturday in the semi final/league double header to be guaranteed a point to make it mathematically certain.

Well done everyone today and thanks for traveling through 


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