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Mine is running discretely at the bottom, so not a problem, but I’ve had big issues in the past that made the site unusable until a particular ad was replaced over time as part of the cycle. The issue seems to be that some ads have a big impact on some devices some of the time, there seems to be no consistency.

The donation idea has been put to James many times, but he apparently prefers not to go down that route. Perhaps sponsorship would be better - one or two on here who own businesses each year, with just a few adverts for them?

This site is a unique resource for Saints fans, and it seems a shame folk are being forced to leave, especially if that puts the site at risk.

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Just to reply to this since I've only seen it this morning - our ad partner asks us to try new things from time to time - the Sportz ticker being one of them.

I have to say, on my laptop it isn't too intrusive, but appreciate it may be different on different devices etc.

It should be gone now - we were asked to use it in the run up to Sunday's game because they had a specific promotion for it.

I'm not a fan of the ones that are massively intrusive, and I do my best to get rid of anything that's an annoying pop up or an auto-redirect (which shouldn't be happening at all now).

At the end of the day we need to fund the ever-rising costs of keeping the site running. The ads are a reliable method of doing that. Fundraising is more time-consuming than it is worth. Sponsorship is the same. Neither are likely to bring in quite as much as is required to keep paying the fees and keep the software up to date.

Ideally what I'd like to do is extend the content of the site beyond the forum - something we looked at some time ago but couldn't make stick - and that way raise the ad revenue from somewhere other than just the forum, which would hopefully allow us to make the forum ads a bit less intrusive.

Hope that explains things.

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