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Betfred Cup

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6 hours ago, mainstand said:

When were they rules out. He says they have knocks not deffo ruled out. 

Courier also states:

Winger Michael O’Halloran has aggravated a foot injury but should make tomorrow’s game but striker Callum Hendry has missed training with a back injury and is in the doubtful category.

how the hell can we have so many injuries when the season's only one game old?

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2 hours ago, Johnny B said:

Montrose 1v4 Forfar Speaks volumes about our result and lack of fire power


Can laugh at St Mirren and other poor results but we need to focus here, comparing one of the worst results in our history to others dismal showing makes little sense 

Nothing but a win v Ross County is satisfactory.  Any kind of win, forecast looks damp/wet so the excuse of a sticky surface can not be used by fans, we might need to blame the new dugouts if we don't win.

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3 minutes ago, Havana Saint said:

If Swanson or O'Halloran had converted their chances we would have been fine.

No quality striker...can't build on a lead and can't keep a clean sheet.  

Big second half ahead.

And had our central defence  been better we would be 1 up

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