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Difference being, Goodwillie was offered a contract.  At Saints he was only offered training, Goodwillie has done what any unemployed person would do, go to the ompany that was giving a firm offer of employment.  Fair play and I hope he kicks on and does well.


As for us signing a Fourth tier journeyman as Europa League awaits us a week on Thursday............not so sure.


Is Martin Buglione still available?

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The Sun has an interview with Liam Craig today. He is talking about being back in the fold at Hibs and happy with the new manager etc etc


There was a bit of course that mentioned that he may be returning to us, but quoted Saints lack of clarity around finances meaning nothing happened

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I think Liam would have come back to us if we had made the right offer at the right time.


This faffing about could ruin the good will with the fans or even within the club.


Either the management are cocking things up or Tommy has been talking shite & has looked for excuses.

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So just to recap;

We pissed about getting the season tickets sorted out and probably missed out on a few extra

Didn't update the website for nearly 2 weeks, despite trying to push the season tickets,

We took a ridiculous amount of time to get strips sorted, despite ending up with the same sponsor and manufacturer and;

We can't seem to sign players as our budget isn't sorted out.

Anyone else slightly concerned?

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Talks with Liam Craig were going on before Hibs were relegated, pretty sure there was an offer, if he is staying put any money on the table for LC will now be freed up. I think it would be good to hear from Stevie Brown how things are shaping up for the coming season. Didn't think there was even a remote chance Goodwilli would sign for us, his agent was Also Tades agent and we all know how the club were strung along on that one as negotations went on re overseas move.

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whatever happened to Jamie Adams??




Was just looking at old posts on P&B and stumbled on an early Radford squad list..


Isn't it amazing how much better our squad is now to then, and all this while having a lower budget and less players. Seems like a lifetime ago..



15. Graeme Smith (27) - May 2011
1. Peter Enckelman (33) - May 2012

5. Kevin Rutkiewicz (30) - May 2011
12. Steven Anderson (24) - May 2012
17. Graham Gartland (27) - May 2012
12. Dave Mackay (30) - May 2013
3. Danny Grainger (24) - May 2011
6. Michael Duberry (34) - May 2011
19. Alan Maybury (32) - May 2011

14. Kevin Moon (23) - May 2011
8. Martin Hardie (34) - Dec 2010
10. Liam Craig (23) - May 2011
4. Jody Morris (31) - May 2012
7. Chris Millar (27) - May 2012
20. Murray Davidson (22) - May 2013
24. Jamie Adams (22) - May 2012 (On loan to Dundee - Dec 2010)
11. Cleveland Taylor (26) - May 2011
Jennison Myrie-Williams (22) - Dec 2010

16. Peter MacDonald (29) - Dec 2010
23. Andy Jackson (22) - Dec 2010
22. Steven Milne (30) - May 2011
21. Collin Samuel (28) - May 2011
18. Scott Dobie (31) - May 2011
9. Sam Parkin (29) - May 2012
27. Marcus Haber (21) - May 2011 (On loan from WBA)

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Bit of a blow missing out on Goodwillie. We could really do with a good striker to provide competition for May and McLean. In fact, we've needed that ever since Tade left. Neither Fallon nor Iwelumo were anywhere near good enough and I really don't want to see us unveil another striker of that level. Wright's record at signing strikers so far isn't massively impressive.


Also think we could really do with an energetic central midfielder and not too sure where that's going to come from (especially if Craig's not coming back). It's not that long ago the manager was taking pelters on here for playing Millar and McDonald together every week - right now it seems like we could head into the season with that combination as first choice again.


In my opinion we've been hasty in getting rid of certain players of late - Hasselbaink, Cregg and Jahic would all make our squad look significantly stronger.

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Not too fussed with Goodwillie...he would have commanded a large wage and if May & Maclean continue where they left off would he be benched quite a lot?


The midfield is really where we need to strengthen. Brown might fill the Dunne/Cregg role but even if he does there isn't a lot there for injuries etc. Not sure on Caddis and the other young lads surely aren't going to be getting anything more than the odd appearance and the majority of their playing time would be from the bench.


Still plenty time to get something organised.

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