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Sanctioned 6 signings. But we've lost more than 6 players from last year including all the loans.

You can hardly argue we needed defensive cover. With Wright and Millar going we've added Joe, McKay and Fisher. McKay is young and probably seen as one for the future. The other two are also young and you can't rely on their form so bringing in one more made sense.

In midfield we've lost Swanson and Croft. We've only brought in Craig. Then finally add up all the 8 young lads we've got out on loan I'd say we are due a midfielder.  

Tommy knows the situation at the club and knows what was missing from the squad. At the tail end of last season, he said he wanted a striker and 2 wingers in addition to McKay at a meet the manager event. At that point it seems he was after 4 players. He's signed six now and not one of them could be considered a winger.

Going through the squad, we've replaced Banks with the returning Zander Clark. No complaints there.

We've replaced Miller and Wright with Shaughnessy, McKay and Fisher. He's rationalised that by saying he's always felt we're one short at the back. I don't think we were considering Wotherspoon can cover at right back and Mackay and Shaughnessy could easily shift into the centre, but there we go.

Brown has gone out on loan, so I guess you could argue Craig is the place holder there at the moment. Good business from a Saints point of view.

We've not replaced Croft, but with O'Halloran moving over to the right and Wotherspoon and Caddis capable of playing there, that's probably ok too.

We've not replaced Swanson at all on the left. Considering O'Halloran is much stronger on the right - probably our most dangerous player playing from that position - that further exposes Tommy's decision to add an additional defender last week, rather than a left winger. Craig is an option there, but he drifts inside a lot and leaves Easton exposed. Lappin is useless everywhere.

We've replaced McFadden and Graham with Cummins and Sutton. Fair enough, that's a 1 in 1 out basis.

I'm not saying Tommy hasn't done well in this window - I think he generally has. It was clear for all to see that the left wing was the area we needed to strengthen this summer. He hasn't done that and I'm worried we'll suffer as the season goes on as a result. Thankfully the strikers are scoring and O'Halloran is creating at the moment. We can't just rely on one player to do that all season though, especially as we could lose him in January if his form continues the way it's started.

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