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26 minutes ago, SconeSaintees said:

May heading for talks with Kilmarnock according to Daily Record Transfer Page which was updated a few minutes ago

Going and playing and training on a daily basis on an astro turf pitch after having the injury that he had. Risky i would have thought.

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1 hour ago, Abernethy Saint said:

This BBC summary of SPFFPLFPL player ins and outs makes somewhat depressing reading for us. On a lighter note, the BBC have Wallace Duffy playing for both Saints and Dundee, which will be interesting.



8 reasonably paid guys out & 2 players that can't command a good wage in .No wonder the budget is fcuked.

Maybe it was the new dugouts. No euafa paid for them seemingly.

Maybe the car park. I don't think so.

Can only be the training pitches which they prefer Stirling to. Did council not compensate Saints for them.

Anyone know where the budget went ?.

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This is probably the most important season ever financially, as from next season the Television money increases from £18 million to £30 million. Which is an increase of 2/3 so for example if Saints prize money was £1.4 million last season for seventh place this would increase to £2,3 million in season 20/21. If it is divided at the same ratio as It is now.

I am sure St. Johnstone are aware of this and why Dundee United and Dundee are gambling with signings as they are desperate to have a slice of the cake.

So do you make the signings now or wait and see how it goes until the January transfer window.

This is not the season to be relegated as the differential will be huge and the parachute payments to the clubs going down at the end of 20/21 season to the Championship will make it difficult for the rest of the clubs to compete with them financially.

The bottom line is it is all about money and if like Saints you don’t have a big support then prize money is everything.

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