Saints v county

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Saints 10 chances no goals. County 1 chance 1 goal.

Tanser gave away needless foul. Goalie should have taken everybody out.

May looks a yard short of pace.

In first 10 mins Hendry had an easy pass to play in someone but tried to score. He also took the ball of Spoony toe.

Striker wants to score but team should come first.

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Same story all season. There is just no invention, no movement, no good passing play. Our game-plan seems to try to nullify the opposition, and get Conway to cross into the box, but not actually get near any of the crosses so that their defence can easily deal with it. I worry that Davidson thinks the answer is just 'sign more players'. There is something more worrying going on. Ross County battled, they closed down every ball, sometimes with 3 players around our strikers. We play every game like it's a friendly.

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The goals we are losing are brutal. 
piss poor defending, piss poor goalkeeping at the goal. Should have stood out n the 6 yard line before taken. Also why is McCart plus everyone else not screaming for a foul when the boy is all over the back of him. 
looks like we are playing pre season friendlies.  

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