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Melbourne Saint

Which game......?

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.... In hindsight gives you the biggest satisfaction? 

For me, it wasn't just winning the double yesterday.

I still remember Utds fans singing "you've never won f-all" at McDiarmid about 10 years ago. That rankled. Then 2014, the cup. Amazing, put that to rest. Then the league cup, which I admitedly was not particularly focused on until we beat Hibs in the Semi, then out of no-where, a final. That LC win was great. I thought "well, that's 2 cups now, shows the Scottish cup wasn't a one-off".

I also thought, "that's us done now. We've won everything realistically we can".

But there was still a nagging doubt. 

That we hadn't beaten either of the Uglies on the way to lifting those cups. Somehow, the only real measure of achievement was not simply winning a cup, but knocking one of them out on the way to lifting them.

So, I still felt a bit like we'd won those cups by avoiding the toughest test- the OF. In the back of my head, for years to come, I could hear voices saying "yes, you won the cups, but other teams knocked out the OF".

So, it would take the gloss off them.

Then Ibrox. Against the team that would end up unbeaten in the league. It wasn't the nutty manner in which we won, but the future importance of it.

I was delighted- to knock out the H-ns at Ibrox, and in a crazy way. But I also thought that the victory meant we wouldn't lift the cup again, merely made the path massively easier for the remaining teams, to fall as others had done prior like Ross County, St.Mirren - beating the OF in the LC, but failing to lift the trophy.

Then yesterday- the double. Amazing. Simply amazing.

But that win at Ibrox makes it so very, very sweeter.

No-one can claim we fluked cup wins now, won by avoiding the OF. We have a double, and in achieving that, beat the Invincibles on the way.

What..... A....... Team.



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Aye, had plenty of "but you didn't beat the Old Firm to win it" comments since 2014 so we've put that to bed but let's not forget we also beat the only other team to beat Rangers and nullified the "best Hibs team in years". 

Yesterday gives me the most satisfaction, given the season and the weeks running up to the final. Watching the highlights we did stroll it a bit, more so than 2014.

Cup doubles are not easy or it would have been done several times before by other clubs. We're the only club to win 2 trophies who have never won the league.

To cap it off we did it with an almost exclusively Scottish squad with a large number of home grown players, a couple of fans in the team and a manager who has such a history with us without the benefit of a wealthy owner pumping millions into the club.

I do have a real feeling that an acheiment on this scale will never be repeated in my lifetime. 

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As amazing as this season has been, the 2014 Semi-final comeback from what looked like inevitable defeat remains the most memorable game for me, it kick started the most sustained period of success in the club's history.  I feel that somehow without that 45 minutes of football we wouldn't be here having this discussion at all.

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I think for me it would have to be the 2014 Cup Final win, as it was our first and we all got to be there (it's funny how it's only now you realise that just being there is something we can't take for granted).

But there have been many, many special moments over the last 10 years or so - almost so many that I feel like I've probably forgotten some of them.

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