St.Johnstone V St.Mirren - Saturday 6th November

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Middleton gets yet another chance from the start. How many chances will he get to produce something from the start of a match.

I’m going to have to try very hard not to pull my hair out when balls bounce off every corner of his body as he tries to control passes directly into his feel.

Need a big first half from him or he should be replaced at half time and give someone else(Eetu) a decent shot at producing goals.

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7 minutes ago, sideline said:

Terrible performance. How many time can you give the ball away in your own half.

May the only one who looked like he could do anything.

That’s the concern isn’t it. That’s now a few games in a row that we have been totally dominated for large parts of the game by our opponents.

Thats Livingston and now St.Mirren, teams with similar hopes and aspirations for their season, coming to McDiarmid park and showing more energy and quality than us.

Edited by R.B.B:- Adz

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5 minutes ago, Cleveland-Saint said:

May looked was made for Finnish lad to partner up with him, but Callum kept him off as he was noshing on Sautéed reindeer and he's still acclimatising...:mrgreen:

He’s a small child remember. 

Do you expect us to actually play him?

Give him another few months to adapt just incase. 

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