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After hearing his interviews, both pre and post match, I'm becoming more impressed with him as a manager.

It's good that he actually seems to stop and think about the answers he's giving, rather than just rambling on and bringing out the same old cliches.

He also seems to notice and point out the problems that we all talk about on here, and then hopefully, has a plan to rectify them.

I liked at the end of the Saints TV interview, when he was asked about his thoughts on Saturday's game with County, and he said, were going to try and win it.

That'll do Craig. No fluff or unnecessary blah. 👍

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1 minute ago, Gekko said:

That'll do Craig. No fluff or unnecessary blah. 👍

This is a big thing for me so far, no bullshit or false promises.

Think he's going to be most proactive manager we've had since TW in terms of trying to sort problems during games and in training, whether it works or not we'll see, but i doubt we'll be doing the same failing thing repeatedly for months under him.

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On 11/7/2023 at 6:12 AM, Wendy Saints said:

Levein was a surprise appointment to me and I was a bit underwhelmed at first. The truth is Saints could not risk another rookie, not fair on us as supporters and not fair on them. I think we had a good run going down the relatively ‘untried’ line.. Coyle McInnes Lomas Wright Callum it was inevitable our luck would run out! I bet no one saw Callum deliver 2 cups? After our success I heard more than one Saints fan say we’ll probably get relegated now!! Albeit tongue in cheek .. I think the calmness Levein exudes can only be a positive and I am sure now that he is a ‘Saintee’ we the fans will get behind him.. 

I agree, he was a bit of a surprise appointment but really do wish him well for all our sakes. I must admit that I'm one of those that after our brilliant cup successes we had then 2 absolutely shit seasons did think after the team getting dismantled as it did that we were due a reality check and we've certainly had that so I'm going to stick my neck on the block and say he probably is the best choice going forward and hope he proves a lot of people, myself included wrong and starts to get us back up the table.COYS.

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33 minutes ago, Cleveland-Saint said:

Happy that he didnt change things too much, kept two up front and we definietly felt more organized in defense.  

Clearly a defensive minded manager, which we all know, but a good start though and despite my concerns with his appointment, I hope that he can bring the best out in these players.

As I said previously, when at tannadice, I always thought CL did not think he could go toe to toe with anyone for 90 mins, first half was always cagey, sussing out the opposition, 0-0 at half time every week.  But he did make changes tactical and personnel and had a real go in the 2nd half.  Not a bad strategy, especially if you are assessing the squad! 

good week for the Saints!

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3 minutes ago, jjohndb said:

Hey I think Levein suits us right now. And may he be a modern day Willie Ormond please Mr Football God? 

Oh for those days of the 60's again and playing park fitba with Paul and kevin Hegarty

Didn't see much football today. 5 at the back with holding midfielder.

First half was dull with few attacking moves.

Second half was vast improvement.

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On 11/4/2023 at 8:14 PM, Cagey said:

Who is this Levin guy. Probably would be a better bet than the dinosaur that has not been involved in football in years and has not even been mentioned for any vacancies.

Lazy appointment by whom ?. Sack the board.

I stand by my opening remarks.

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