The obligatory 'What Music Are You Listening To?' Thread


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My Boss was at the FF gig in aberdeen last night and said the editors set was pretty damnfinesplendid.

Also gone back to my school days and listening de la sould 3ft high and rising and a audio cassete called deep heat nine which was all early raveydavey stuff including the Orbs fluffy white clouds and as sone called (I want to kiss your) cherry lips

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I was at Franz Ferdinand last night, Great concert, Rock Steady were their usual selfs but at least you could stand up at times

The Editors were good, I had never heard of them before last night :oops:

That is why you get standing ticket! It was amazing! I had a GREAT time!

Editors were fantastic, wasn't too impressed with the rakes, but they were ok!

FF were something else though - well worth the wai twhile they set up for him!

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