Saints vs. Livingston 26/04/08

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Well here we are.The last game of a long, and league wise, fruitless season.

I hope we can go out with a bang today,but after wednesday nights game I,m not filled with great belief.Team today looking like it,s going to be a bit makeshift,as is the Livi team.They are not playing anyone who is not going to be there next season, so no McKay or Dorrans and plenty young lads.There seems very little interest in this game but I hope the £5 entry will entice a few to attend..Pride only today and a chance to say cheerio to McManus who I think will play.Lets give the guy a decent send off....

Come on you Saints....................

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I hope McManus gets a great send off. I'm a big fan and I really don't want him to be leaving but all the best and hopefully a few clubs are watching him today. Also I think this could be the last game for Goran aswell, as I here he is on his way to East Fife. Hopefully a game to have another look at a few younger players who were nervous on Wednesday but may be more relaxed about today. Also for Moon, who signed a one year deal this week, too prove early on to the backroom staff he's deserving of a two or three year deal.

I'm actually quite excited about today, and I hope we put on a good performance to give us a bit of hope for promotion next season.

Come On You Saints!

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