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  2. Wow MS that's a bit heavy for you.
  3. Do we need them.for financial reasons? If you are basing premiership teams on financial benefit to saints them we would have Dundee promoted. Sorry but maybe being blindfolded by my dislike of hearts but really don't see any benefit in reorganising for a year to save their butt. Let them sink best place for their fans.
  4. Looking forward to seeing a macron kit with the new logo on it, but if anyone wants older kit, see my link
  5. Only one year in to a 2 or 3 year contract with Macron but given that Macron are not listing us a partner club. Saints leisure supplier Pitch Teamwear are still listing Saints there : You never know maybe Kirsten has contacts with Nike who she got for Killie vis black leisure group who also ran the club shop
  6. Posted my tickets back today and stated a cheque would be ok, if they did not have my bank details.
  7. I think he's thinking.... how can they keep getting away with it. And the SFA will still pass them FFP compliant to play in Europa League.
  8. That is a rubbish excuse. If you do not like this post just Binn Skip it.
  9. You are right. It was that long ago I forgot. The memory is a bit of a worry.
  10. £5 million on Hagi when they are £11 million in debt. Will they ever learn ?. I know he was playing at McDiarmid but don't think I remember him doing anything. If he worth £5 million then I don't know what McCann is worth.
  11. Thanks, didn't know there was another year on contract. What's the position on sponsor ?. Can't even remember who last season's was.
  12. cristo

    Season Tickets

    Just to clarify Si did you send them to Hibs or Saints?
  13. And let’s face it if we found ourselves in same position being relegated when we could have got ourselves out of trouble we would be saying/doing same thing as Hearts, I don’t like Hearts but we do need them in the top league for pure finance reasons plus a day out at Tynie is one of the best away days.
  14. To be fair she knew how to run an IT company. Also, I'm told by one or two people who know her that she is a very nice person. She's a football fan who tried to dig Hearts out of a hole. Unfortunately, having coughed up the required bawbees, she made one huge mistake and handed the shovel to one Craig Levein! She is now the latest in a long line of fans who have proved that the way to make a small fortune out of Scottish football is to start with a large one.
  15. We already have that in place, Macron was a 2 year deal, so all you’re looking for is a new set of strips. All the training gear will be off the shelf stuff and probably already done. I’d say a couple of weeks to design a kit is probably an acceptable amount of time if they’ve already got templates. Let’s face it you’re only going to need to produce 40/50 strips originally for the players to wear and then the replicas can follow later on once mass produced.
  16. I don't know much about it but would imagine 2 months is not a long time to arrange a supplier ,a contract & all the gear that goes with it.
  17. Sent Hibs tickets back and gave details. Club say it could be between 3-5 days after this before you get the refund.
  18. Cagey

    Season Tickets

    That's what gets results. Or comments.
  19. All in different colours
  20. It’s not what he said it’s the way he said it.
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